1, 2, 3, SAY CHEESE!!!!! Never!

I have actually written this post for a while but was sceptical about posting. I had something totally different in mind for today’s post, guess it will be posted next week. I posted because the subject to be discussed today is a very sensitive and relevant issues especially among youths. 

Talk about insecurities and everyone can relate. Everyone has insecurities, and that is because we as humans are not perfect. Insecurity is the feeling of unease and lack of confidence from the perception of oneself as being inferior.
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Three things I despise the most; STRESS, STRESS and STRESS. Of course, no one likes stress but I super super hate stress. I try so hard to avoid stressful situations, although you and I both know it’s impossible to not be in a stressful situation at a point. And when that time comes, I find it difficult to deal with stress. One time, I was so stressed during my final year project, that I just stormed to my room, locked my door broke down and cried, more like I sobbed. Sure, it didn’t solve anything, but I had no other idea on how to relieve the stress. Apart from stress, I think I hate anything numerical. So you should know I do not like Mathematics. Well, I hate maths because it stresses me. Ha-ha

So imagine my shock when I went for an interview, and I was given questions to answer. The questions were in two sections, the first section was relating to everything mathematical, (all maths questions) and the second section was related to questions like “How do you deal with Stress? “How do you handle Pressure”?
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Weekly Insightful Quote:


It was a bright sunny afternoon, the kind of afternoon that is sunny yet lively. However, although the sun was shining brightly, Jonah was in a very dull mood. Nothing about the afternoon was good as far as she was concerned. She was on the verge of losing all her friends, how could she be happy?

Why does it feel like i am the black sheep? Jonah wondered. She had never felt so alone and miserable in her life. She felt like she was the only one still living in the 19th century while all her mates and friends were fully adapted to the so called “ways” of the 21st century. Yet, they were all “90’s babies”.

Susan, her closest friend that used to be either indifferent or really pissed about new things and changes had even moved on, yet she was “stuck”. Her case was truly different. She sighed.

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Called to be a police woman?

I am super excited and this is my first blog post. Yaaayyyyyy!!!! “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr.

Called to be a police woman?
Throughout my six years in secondary school, for a substantial part, i had no idea on what i was gonna study in university. I was very clueless. As the norm is, students are required to pick a department, then it was science, commercial class or Arts.When asked to choose a department, i chose arts basically because i loved reading books. And yes, that was my only reason. I was so clear on the courses i hate so much and i would not like to study, but unclear on the course i would love to study.
Arts was not bad at all, i was doing okay but i wasn’t satisfied. My last year in secondary school, my economics teacher asked everyone in the class what we were going to study when we want to further our studies. It was like everyone in the class was programmed to pick mass communication. I knew i didn’t want mass communication, not that it was a bad course but i was not really interested. It got to my turn, i was so nervous. I thought about going along with the crowd by saying mass communication but i decided to be brave and i said Sociology timidly.

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